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King Baudouin Prize
King Baudouin African Development Prize 2018-2019


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King Baudouin African Development Prize 2018-2019

On 12 June Wecyclers, a waste management start-up in Lagos (Nigeria), received the King Baudouin African Development Prize, in the presence of HM King Philippe and HM Queen Mathilde. The Prize recognises ongoing efforts in the area of innovation made by Wecyclers which sees waste collection not merely as an end in itself… read more


Lé Mondé Smart Cities 2017 Global Innovation Award

For the second edition of the Smart Cities Innovation Awards held this past week, the French newspaper Le Monde thought big. Nigerian startup Wecyclers, co-founded by Bilikiss Adebiyi, the innovative startup that brings domestic waste collection and treatment to Nigeria through a fleet of cargo-bikes and a waste sorting hub… read more


The Tech Intel Environmental Awards 2013

Wecyclers’ innovative transformation model earned the 2013 Intel Environment Award. Wecyclers works by employing locals who pedal door-to-door on modified bikes that pull large carts with collection bags. They collect recyclables from subscribers’ homes and weigh them; subscribers receive points via text message for every kilogram of recyclables… read more