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What kind of waste do we collect?

We collect water sachets, plastic bowls, PET bottles (coke, fanta plastic bottle), Bleach containers, plastic lids, aluminium cans (can coke, fanta, sprite), plastic kegs, cartons, plastic baskets.




How do I register for pickup?

To register for pickup, you can click here

What areas do we service?

Click here to see where our hubs are located, you can place a call across to confirm if your location can be reached

Can I volunteer?

Yes you can, log on to volunteer.wecyclers.com to sign up as a volunteer

What do I get for giving recyclables?

We have a point system in which water sachets are awarded five points per kilogram, PET bottles are awarded ten points per kilogram, aluminium cans are awarded twenty points per kilogram and every other item, one point per kilogram. A point is equivalent to one naira.

When can I get my reward?

We hold redemptions thrice a year in April, August and December.

When do you come for pickup?

You can call the hub closest to you to schedule a pick up